22 cheap ways for nurses to de-stress

17. Build a Garden

Starting and maintaining a garden takes great patience and nurturing from the first step of buying the materials to taking the first bite of your hard-earned work. But the process of digging, planting, watering, feeding, trimming and watching your plants grow can be amazingly beneficial as stress relief.

Gardening gets you out of the house, away from distractions, and basking in the sun – heck, just being in the sun improves your mood drastically. Building a relationship with the outdoors and creating natural beauty helps you feel more at one with your environment and calms your mind.

You don’t need an acre of land or very much money to start a garden — most seeds only cost a couple of cents. Just visit your local garden supply, and pick up some tools, soil, fertilizer and seeds. If you don’t have a yard, buy a window box and place it in the sunniest window sill.

Cost: $5-30 (for a basic garden)
More Info: Google “gardening guide” or visit GardenGuides.com

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